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HOCOA: Home Repair Network, est. 1993, serves home owners in local communities across America. HOCOA is an on-call concierge service for contracting home repair, maintenance, landscaping, you name it.

If it happens within your property line, HOCOA can help you with it. 

Currently, HOCOA: Home Repair Network is expanding through the use of 5 Paragraph Business Plan The Action Oriented Business Management Tool for Leaders. The overall vision for the expansion has been laid out using 5 Paragraph format. HOCOA works with 5P Advisors on the various areas of expansion, to include standing up a new unit in an entirely new location with HOCOA owners. Each owner works with 5P advisors to write their business plan and develop a strategy for providing home owners with solutions. 

That starts with finding the right contractors for the market conditions in the area. Home repair is seasonally dependent and situationally dependent. Not every location will have the same contractors. HOCOA Salt Lake City has a different set of contractors than HOCOA Oklahoma City, or HOCOA San Diego. It's all based on the needs of the home owners in each market.


5 Paragraph Business Plan is a perfect fit for each HOCOA owner. Our method for managing businesses is based on the military's way of setting up shop. Each element must be uniform in appearance and service, however each unit owner has full digression as to how their unit is run. Very similar to battle space owners in the military. 

HOCOA is seeking well disciplined, highly motivated, individuals  to become HOCOA unit owners.

Be an entrepreneur and build your own equity, in your own business, and retire comfortably. HOCOA may be the perfect fit for you and your family. 

HOCOA units start from home. The goal being to expand to an office when you, the HOCOA unit owner, deems it necessary. The 5 Paragraph Business Plan helps you outline your goals for being a HOCOA unit owner. We start with your goals and back plan to the priority objectives that need to be handled first in order to achieve mission success. 

HOCOA serves local communities. Those of us who are veterans know that a life of purpose is a life worth living. HOCOA unit owners are active members in their communities. They work with contractors and other area business owners to provide a valuable service that others are proud to recommend. 

Learn more by visiting HOCOA.5Paragraph.com


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