Small Unit Leadership With 5 Paragraph

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Accountability matters. Complacency kills productivity. Empower your leaders to take responsibility of the mission at every level.

Top leadership cannot handle every situation that is encountered by their team. They need to have effective leaders in the field who know how to handle tough situations, albeit their scope of responsibility is small. However how small their responsibility is, it is still extremely important.

Those of us who have ever led multiple teams, know exactly what I am talking about here.

In the military, we ran simultaneous missions between squads in order to distract and confuse the enemy. This meant coordinating across battlelines to adjacent teams. You’re talking about 24 people, minimum, who are coordinating a simple patrol across an area of responsibility that covers 30 kilometers. How?

We each use the same template to plan, prep, coordinate, and step off on patrol. Each patrol leader has the 5 Paragraph order to work off of. Each 5 Paragraph has the same structure with widely varying components. The Department of Defense runs on the 5 Paragraph in order to coordinate inter-branch joint operations involving a wide range of tactical assets. They all combine forces to overwhelm the enemy. That’s why Marines walk around in smaller elements. We look like we are an easy target to pick off, that is until we pick up our favorite weapon THE RADIO and start raining fire & brimstone down on the enemy.

Coordination between air, ground, high-angle mortars, low-angle artillery, and assets in the field may seem a bit complex. It’s not when you comprehend that they all use the same 5 Paragraph planning structure to coordinate and adapt on-the-fly.

Want to have the ability to command multiple teams in the field while maintaining a high standard of quality and proficiency? Implement the 5 Paragraph Business Plan.  

We’ve taken the same template we used in the military and combined it with proven business practices in order to provide you with a simple to use tool for coordinating operations at every level.

We work with you to assess your organization & build a training plan. Working off of your plan, we train your team leaders to become 5 Paragraph users.  5 Paragraph provides 12 months of on-call support for all certified users. We even assist your organization in finding new leads.

We work with you to empower your leaders. Let’s get started right now.


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